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The Chieftains' with Paddy Moloney

My mother visited Ireland many times to connect with her cousins who are scattered all over the country and always encouraged me to do the same. I began making friends in Ireland through a social network and met the singer-songwriter, Siobhán O’Brien, from Limerick, which led to an invitation to join her on the road with singer-songwriter Sara Petite from California in 2007 as they performed around Ireland.

I created a CD booklet with some of my photographs for an album Siobhán O'Brien recorded in 2008. The album featured Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains) and Brendan Bowyer (Royal Show Band). Siobhán performed one of the songs on the album with the Chieftains in Boston Symphony Hall. A gracious invitation was extended to me by Paddy Moloney so that I could take photographs of them. I stepped off the train in downtown Boston to find my childhood friend Donna waiting to take me to the Chieftain's gig.

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