A B O U T  M E T A

  • E D U C A T I O N

    The Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes​

    San Miguel de Allende

    Guanajauto, Mexico


    The Corcoran School of Art

    Washington, D.C.


    S T U D Y E D  W I T H

    Periklis Pagratis & Danni Dawson

  • B I O G R A P H Y

    M E T T A  M Y E R S

    (Birth name: Meta Myers) 

    Born 1953  Midwest City, Oklahoma

    T H E  NA R R O W  P A S S A G E  S T U D I O

    Edinburg Virginia

    CONTACT : metta.fineart@gmail.com

  • G A L L E R I E S

    Gallery Ergani   Belgium

    Erickson & Ripper  Virginia

    Gallery Julian   Virginia

  • I S R P

    The International Society of Realist Painters

    Founding member: Willem Dolphyn

    Pieter Wagemans - Chairman 

    Metta Myers - Vice Chairman

    founded by a group of artists from Europe and North America interested in sharing their knowledge of old masters techniques, as well as new ones. All of the founding members are trained in classical painting, which they have developed into individual styles. The group has grown in membership and is now creating strategies for promoting work internationally.

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